Yes, There Will Be a Wandering Diagnosis for People with Autism

We lose.  Again.


As inevitably it would, the Centers for Disease Control has decided that the desire of people with autism to remove themselves from aversive situations is a sickness:

Starting this fall, wandering will be added to the list of descriptors doctors can use to diagnose individuals with autism, intellectual disability and other conditions.

The addition comes after a federal committee gave the final go-ahead on a proposal to make wandering a secondary classification that could be applied to individuals with developmental disabilities or other diagnoses.

Doctors will be able to start applying the new label as early as October.

And now we will have the push to get insurance companies to pay for tracking devices rather the push to get them to pay for services to people with autism who are older than six.  And how long will it take for Wendy Fournier to start calling for insurance companies to pay for parents to get their kids implanted with microchips, like pets?  And calling anyone who objects "heartless and callous"?

Thank, "autism advocates," for ignoring the concerns of actual people with autism so thoroughly.  Thanks for putting your greed and worry above my need to be able to control my own body.  Thanks for ridiculing us along the way.


Click here to watch the video I made about a few of the reasons this horrifies me.