Watch: Video of Teaching Assistant Assaulting Autistic Girl

A video of a teaching assistant assaulting a four-year-old autistic girl has caused outrage in China:

CCTV footage (Youtube version) showing Xu Lihuan, a 30-year-old teacher in Qianhui Children's Rehabilitation Services Centre in Panyu, Guangzhou, throwing a 4-year-old autistic girl to the floor. The girl, Qiu Yaoyao, allegedly fell into a coma following Xu's attack. Outraged netizens have caused the footage to go viral on Chinese social media.

Yaoyao and Xu were doing some exercises together when the child refused to stand properly on a chair. Xu grabs her arms and throws her to the ground, before proceeding to kick her, turn her upside down and bang her head into the floor.

The girl's' father says the school first told him that her injuries were caused by a fall. 

CNN reports that the video is bringing much-needed attention to the treatment of autistic children in China:

Film actress Ma Yili took to Weibo, China's Twitter-like service, to say, "This kind of behavior should be charged with intentional homicide. Autistic kids are extra vulnerable because they are unable to independently control their behavior. We as parents will be closely watching how (the teacher) will be punished in court."

Another Weibo user, named @Yaliju, asked, "Doesn't she have a child herself? How on earth could kindergarten teachers be so cold-blooded? Who would dare entrust their kids to these peoples' hands?"

Other netizens blame the lack of trained teachers, especially for children with autism and other disabilities.

"This is heart-wrenching," posted @alwaysyouyou. "And why were all the other teachers just standing there watching? I'm deeply worried about how teachers get their qualifications nowadays."

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