Watch: Mike Elk and Ari Ne'eman Discuss Joe Scarborough and Autism Speaks

Thom Hartmann hosted an interview with Mike Elk and Ari Ne'eman yesterday.  Hartmann takes Scarborough to task for his recent comments suggesting that accused shooter James Holmes is autistic, but the discussion went much further and could serve as an excellent introduction to basic concepts in neurodiversity.

Elk is a journalist for In These Times who believes that it is important for successful people like himself to be open about their autism. He says that autistic people are already isolated, and that  comments linking us to violence will make us more isolated.  Research does not show any connection between autism and the sort of violence Holmes is accused of. 

Ne'eman is the president of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and the first ever autistic presidential appointee.  He points out that this is not an issue of political correctness, but one of prejudice. 

Both discuss Autism Speaks.  Elk shares my opinion that it has a lot in common with Komen for the Cure. Ne'eman talks about research priorities and the need for a discussion about autism that acknowledges both strengths and challenges.

Essential.  I would have liked to have heard from a woman as well, but that's my only criticism.

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