Teen Autistic Political Blogger

Asher Newman is an autistic 14-year-old who runs a political blog:

Asher is holding his first political office -- class treasurer. He smiles. "No one ran against me, and I was pretty satisfied because I had to put in no effort, or speeches, or anything."

And while he gives the electoral edge to Obama, don't expect a ringing endorsement. "I am in favor of Obama being re-elected. I mean I don't like him that much, but the problem is I don't like the alternative either."

All that knowledge -- but no girlfriend, yet.

"I wish I did but I don't," Asher said. At 14, he is smart enough to know, there are some things even more complicated than politics. "I probably don't have good enough social skills for starters. I'm not exactly a charmer. I'm not Bill Clinton."

Click here to watch a news video about Asher.