School Aide Pulls Autistic Student's Tooth-- the Wrong One

Sabrina Grant is furious that an aide at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Framingham, Massachusetts, pulled her autistic son's tooth:

Chris, 10, went to school with a loose tooth, something his teacher said was causing a distraction as the student had his hands in his mouth during class.

“We pulled [the tooth] out today and had him checked by the nurse immediately after," the teacher said in an email to the student's mother. "He is fine. You will be receiving his tooth this afternoon when he arrives home. If you are bothered by us pulling his tooth, please let me know. I apologize for this in advance.”

They got the wrong tooth:

She said she couldn’t imagine the pain Chris was in from having a good molar taken out.

“Oh my god what did they do, did they hold my kid down?” asked Grant. “Did he want them to do this? How could somebody not even medically trained pull a tooth that wasn't even loose out of his mouth?”

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