Progress on the "Autistic Adults Aren't Like My Child So They Should Shut Up" Front

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According to some parents of autistic children, it is never legitimate for autistic people to say anything about autism.  Because "real" autistic people are nonverbal. like their kids, so anyone who can speak does not understand what "real" autism is. It is not surprising that some people who fall into this group would feel the need to release the video above, which suggests that screaming, naked children should have been part of last week's congressional hearing on the federal response to autism.

But-- there is no demand that autistic people shut up.  In fact, the maker of the video even claims to admire Ari Ne'eman of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

This is progress. When Ari was nominated by President Obama to the National Council on Disabilities, his confirmation was anonymously held up for months. Age of Autism tried to keep him from serving. A petition to try to keep him off the Council was signed by over 750 people, and is still getting new signatures.

Sure-- we still have comments, like this one on the video from John Best, that suggest that Ari Is Evil:

Ari Ne'eman is a degenerate liar. ? Nobody in their right mind admires anything at all about this sadistic pig. Every word out of this liar's mouth is designed to do one thing, obfuscate the truth about the true abject horror of what autism really is.

But-- even the people who think vaccines cause autism are getting used to the idea that autistic people are going to have something to say about our lives, whether they like it or not.

A year ago, "Autism Every Day" was the top video when you searched for autism on YouTube.