Police Charge Autistic Kindergartner with Battery for Hitting Teacher

After an autistic boy punched his kindergarten teacher in the nose, administrators at Franklin Elementary School in Logansport, Indiana, contacted the police, who charged the boy with battery:

“We had a teacher that was struck in the nose by a student,” said Franklin principal Hayley LaDow. “A police report was filed. That police report has been turned over by the police to the prosecuting attorney and that prosecuting attorney is the one that determines whether charges will be filed.”

The boy's mother, Brandi Velasquez, feels that her son's needs have not been taken seriously:

“He’s just thrown into a regular kindergarten class right now,” said Velasquez. She said she has requested and been denied one-on-one instruction for her son.

The boy has escaped from school grounds before, she said, and at other times has gotten aggressive. The school has a special code for him, she said, “Code Bulldog.” However, she added that Wednesday was the first time he’s hit a staff member.