More Autistic Reactions to the Death of Daniel Corby

Remember Daniel Corby

Earlier this week, I collected posts from autistic people reacting to the fact that Patricia Corby has been arrested for the murder of her 4-year-old son Daniel.  Here are some others that I think might be meaningful to you.

From Sarah at Kitaiska Sandwich:

In a culture in which disabled lives have so little value and society as a whole sympathizes with the killers, disabled children are killed by their parents, elderly people with chronic illnesses are killed by their children or caregivers, and fetuses suspected of genetic anomalies are routinely aborted — even by people who otherwise oppose abortion or desperately want children. Unlike other hate crimes, in which the perpetrators are up-front about their hatred for the victims, these crimes are often committed in the name of “mercy,” or even “love.” “I couldn’t stand to see him suffer.” “Bringing a child like that into the world wouldn’t have been fair to my other children.” “He’s happier now that he’s out of his misery.”


From Gavin at Life with Aspergers:

In my own way I like to think that the world isn't evil, that people don't commit these criminal acts unless they are completely overwhelmed.  I try so very hard to attribute causes to things around these people, to blame society for a lack of services, to blame mental issues, high blood pressure or any other influence.

It's like making excuses for Hitler.


From Kassiane at Radical Neurodivergence Speaking:

And this is what awareness does. The dominant narrative is that of hopelessness. The dominant narrative is of isolation and despair. The dominant narrative is that we are perpetual burdens, never to grow or be anything but 100% dependent. The dominant narrative is of tragically unhappy lives.