Mama Defines Autism Acceptance

Brenda Rothman at Mama Be Good defines Autism Acceptance:

Acceptance isn't a mere willingness to tolerate someone else.  It's not simply an acknowledgement of an individual's existence and of their difference.  It is not a passive agreement to be civil or to put up with a difficult situation or an idea that you don't agree with.

Acceptance of autism is acceptance of an autistic person.  Of a person.  Of your child, a family member, a neighbor, a student, a co-worker, a stranger.
Acceptance is recognizing and appreciating their autism.  It is talking about autism with autistics, asking them what works for them, what bothers them, what delights them, what you can do to make their lives easier, to make their day more comfortable, to create supports for them.  Acceptance is learning from autistic individuals.