Confirmed: Adam Lanza Had Asperger's Syndrome

Facts are important to me. Being truthful is important to me. I've posted a few times that it had not been confirmed that Adam Lanza had Asperger's syndrome.

Now it has, by his high school Latin teacher:

“He had Asperger’s,” Jennifer says, confirming media reports. After being home schooled in 7th and 8th grades, Adam took freshman classes in a portable classroom at the high school. He was 13 years old.

“He didn’t want to be around people,” Jennifer explains. “Our goal was to get him back in the building.”

Adam’s mother Nancy would drop him off, then sit in the next room while Jennifer worked with him.

“He was very OCD. He’d clean the desk with Purell,” Jennifer remembers.

“He had a great ‘Latin mind.’ The language is very structured, and that fit well with him. He always knew the answers — but he wouldn’t say anything.

“The day he made his first joke, I almost cried.”

Of course, there is no link between Aspergers and this sort of crime.