50 Inspiring Autistic People of 2011: Musicians

My introduction to this series is here.

Sometimes I consider music my primary language.  I think that is true for many autistic people.  No more words from me here then.  I'll let the music speak for itself.


Scott James sings "Through My Eyes"


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Platypus performs "Young Aspie"



Christopher Duffley sings "Lean on Me."



FCSN Dream Seekers performs a Michael Jackson Medley. Lawrence Wang on Saxophone, Alice Jen on keyboard, Gregory Hebert on Guitar, and Chris Koraltan on percussion/drums.



Declan Sykes sings "Help"



Adrian of  The Voice Outside performs "Take Control"



Acorn Boy performs "Come to the Autistic World"



Autistic Death Squad (Rachel, Emmett, and Ian) perform "Doo Bop"



Gina Marie Incandela performs the national anthem.



Kodi Lee performs "Imagine"



Patrick Lah performs "Moondance."