Piano Man

Ethan Is My Heart: Return of the Autistic Piano Man

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Ethan Walmark, the 6-year-old autistic performer whose rendition of "Piano Man" was praised by Billy Joel himself, did both that song and Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" at the 2012 Westchester, NY/Fairfield County, CT Autism Speaks Walk.

I can't watch very much of this at a time-- I cry too hard.

It's like looking at my heart.

It's seeing the most joyful part of me.

The part that died.


"Eveybody's gonna clap and go 'yay,' okay?"

Okay, Ethan.

Just keep playing.


Billy Joel Praises Autistic Boy's "Piano Man"

Just like everyone else on the Internet, Billy Joel was impressed by six-old autistic Ethan Walmark's performance of "Piano Man":

“I think I like his intro to “Piano Man” better than mine. And this kid plays with a lot more energy than me. Maybe he could teach me a few things.”

Watch Ethan do "Piano Man" (again?) here.

But I'm also a fan of his rendition of "Dear Prudence."

Click here to watch it.

Watch Ethan: 6-Year-Old Autistic Piano Man

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Click here to watch on YouTube



Ethan is six, he's autistic, he's the Piano Man.

This is what it's like in my head.

This is still making me cry.

The piano sounds like a carnival.


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