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Big Bang Theory News: Jim Parsons' Broadway Opening Tonight and What to Do If You Can't Go

Harvey, starring Jim Parsons, is opening tonight on Broadway (watch clips at the end of this post).  Here are some things that obsessed fans of The Big Bang Theory who don't have tickets can do to console themselves:

Watch a repeat of "The Friendship Contraction" tonight on CBS.

Debate the question: "How much further should Amy and Sheldon go?"

Have cocktails with Amy Farrah Fowler herself, actress Mayim Bialik.  It'll cost you $1000, at least, but it's for a great cause.

Vote for Bazinga! as Best Catchphrase in the CBS Fan Awards.

Read an interview with Kunal Nayyar (Raj)

Download a free app that can help you dress like Sheldon.

Click here to watch clips of Jim Parsons in Harvey.

Jim Parsons is Gay and On Broadway

I've never been sure if Jim Parsons was officially out, so I haven't mentioned it before, but, yes, the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory is openly and happily gay:

"The Normal Heart” resonated with him on a few levels: Mr. Parsons is gay and in a 10-year relationship, and working with an ensemble again onstage was like nourishment, he said. As the production was ending last summer, he heard that the Roundabout Theater Company was considering a revival of “Harvey” — initially with John C. Reilly under consideration for Elwood — and last November the play’s director, Scott Ellis, asked him and Ms. Hecht to do a private reading of the work in Los Angeles.

The reading went so well that this summer he will be on Broadway doing Harvey. As this description of his rehearsal for it indicates, Parsons also seems a little autistic:

He is the sort of person, in fact, you could imagine taking his bow then apologizing to theatergoers if any of them were disappointed with his work. His unfailing politeness has an old-fashioned courtliness to it; at a rehearsal for “Harvey” this month, he said sorry every time he had to ask the script prompter to remind him of a line.

It sounded almost automatic, reflecting a tendency to speak his mind without a trace of self-consciousness (a habit that makes his television character so winningly exasperating). At one point during the rehearsal, for instance, the actress Jessica Hecht — who plays Elwood’s sister, Veta — put a prop down on stage in a spot where Mr. Parsons wasn’t expecting it.

“Did Jessica leave that there?” Mr. Parsons said. “That’s never going to work.”

“It won’t happen again,” Ms. Hecht replied collegially.

“It never happened before,” he said — not in an accusatory way but, like Sheldon, with an almost absent-minded bluntness.

“Um, let’s talk about it more,” she joked.

Later, Ms. Hecht described the way Mr. Parsons speaks as a kind of afterthought.

“His concentration is so total that he sometimes says surprising things that I don’t even think he’s aware he’s saying,” said Ms. Hecht, a Tony nominee for her last Broadway role, in the 2010 revival of “A View from the Bridge.” “There’s something so dorky in the best way about him.”

About Sheldon:

“There was something in his inability to understand sarcasm, his inability to read emotions off people in a general sense, that I understood,” Mr. Parsons said with a crooked smile. (For the record, in person he is far more at ease and a much better listener than Sheldon.)


Via Towleroad.


Jim Parsons Talks About Working with Stephen Hawking on Tonight's "Big Bang Theory"

Stephen Hawking appears as a guest on tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper, talked to William Keck about working with the famous physicist:

"It was insane and intense, if I'm being honest," Jim says of the shoot. "To be in his presence was a very powerful thing. He's communicating only through a speech-generating device, but I was also able to look into his eyes."

"We had this scene written out, and obviously his lines were pre-programmed into his computer," Jim continues. "They had the capability of just cueing his lines, but he demanded to control every take himself by operating his machine with his cheek muscle. At first he was very slow getting the cues going, but they fine-tuned it. Only at the very end of the day did I realize the magnitude of what we'd pulled off."

Click here to watch a scene from the episode.

Watch: Jim Parsons Wins Second Emmy for The Big Bang Theory

Watch Jim Parsons accept his second Emmy Award


Jim Parsons won his second Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series for playing Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.


Emmy Nominations: Five for "Big Bang Theory," Nothing for "Parenthood"

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik


Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki of The Big Bang Theory both got Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series.  The series was also nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series and two other awards.

Both Parsons and Galecki are excited:

“I always wanted the show to be nominated and I’m so glad Johnny got one,” Parsons said from New York, where he learned of the honors via the Today show. “It’s wonderful to have the whole family feeling; it feels happier this year, to be totally honest, because there’s more people. A party is always more fun with more people there.”

Galecki said of Parsons, "I predicted during the pilot that he was gonna win an Emmy. In the script, I didn’t get it, but when I heard him say the lines, I got it. Originally they approached me for that role, but it wasn’t right for me, I just didn’t relate to it. I liked the role of Leonard, I liked what I knew would be a long term struggle of the heart with Penny.

"Nobody can play that character like Jim, and I think he would say he couldn’t play my part like me. If he wins and I don’t or I win and he doesn’t, there’ll be a cage match. I’m doing my crunches now."

It's disappointing that neither Community nor Parenthood got a single nomination.


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