Henry Clarke

Pastor Finds Strength in Aspergers Diagnosis

Pastor Henry Clarke's life was a bewildering mixture of successes and challenges before he found out about his Asperger's syndrome:

"As a minister and someone who had done a lot of good around the world, I had to ask myself, 'What is wrong with me?'" he said. "How can so many pieces of my life be successful ... in other people's words, brilliant, and yet simple things are just a struggle?"

He looked for answers. "I came across this article about adults with Asperger's syndrome, and quite frankly, I thought I was reading my own story, so I dug further."

Now his diagnosis at age 45 has allowed him to know the truth, and that truth is setting him free

"One of the things that helped me through all of this was something the apostle Paul wrote, 'In my weakness, God's strength is perfected,'" Clarke said. "I had to acknowledge my weakness and my strength."


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