Autism Sings Rebecca Black's "Friday"

Jason's looking forward to the weekend.

Jason Halkias, a young guy with Asperger's syndrome who likes to sing, is back after an extended absence with his rendition of Rebecca Black's "Friday."

Fun, fun, fun, fun.

It's Friday, with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert has to eat his cereal and catch his bus.


It's official: I hate Autism Awareness Month! I'm used to actually being able to keep up with what's new in the world of autism and making intuitive decisions about what to share with you.  I'm deluged!  Deluged with celebrities wearing dumb hats and selling purses.  Deluged with inanity like what city is best to live in if you're autistic.

I'm blinded by the blue light.

BIG OFFICIAL NEUROTYPICAL AUTISM  is speaking so loud that they drown out the voices of the people I'm interested in right now.

I've had to go on a brief vacation to the Overlook Hotel.  It's hard to navigate, but quiet and very beautiful.  Fortunately, they've added internet access (entirely wireless!) so I'll be sending you updates.

If you want autism news for the next couple of days, you'll have to visit the Facebook page

This website is haunted by special interests.

And it's Friday.

It's Friday


When I first heard Rebeccca Black's "Friday," I thought, "That's the most autistic thing I've heard."  The singsong simplicity, the list of inconsequential daily events, the repetition of inane facts-- this is what my brain sounds like when it's tired and playful.  And the video is an equally joyful exploration of the word "vacuous."

And then autistic rapper 50 Tyson suggested to his Facebook fans (of which I am one) that we add Rebecca Black.

We we we we so excited.

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