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Donald Trump Talks Autism and Vaccines on FOX News

Donald Trump has a theory about autism and vaccines.  And FOX News celebrated Autism Awareness Day by letting him spew it all over TV.

The Raw Story offers a partial transcription:

“I’ve gotten to be pretty familiar with the subject,” Trump said. “You know, I have a theory — and it’s a theory that some people believe in — and that’s the vaccinations. We never had anything like this. This is now an epidemic. It’s way, way up over the past 10 years. It’s way up over the past two years. And, you know, when you take a little baby that weighs like 12 pounds into a doctor’s office and they pump them with many, many simultaneous vaccinations — I’m all for vaccinations, but I think when you add all of these vaccinations together and then two months later the baby is so different then lots of different things have happened. I really — I’ve known cases.”

Gretchen Carlson did try to talk him down and offer some fact-like material, so good for her.

Trump's sources for all of this garbage?  According to him, Autism Speaks founders Bob and Suzanne Wright.  As Orac at Respectful Insolence says:

Let's just put it this way. The Wrights have drunk deeply of the antivaccine Kool-Aid, so much so that the continued embrace of antivaccine nonsense by Autism Speaks in the face of overwhelming evidence that vaccines are not linked with autism is a large part of the reason why Alison Singer left that group. Trump's even done fundraisers for them.

Click here to hear the Donald expound his theories.

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