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Surgery on Season Two of "World According to Clay"

Warning: Strong language.  Click here to watch on YouTube. 


Season Two of the online series "The World According to Clay" premiered today.  The series focuses on pro surfer with Aspergers Clay Marzo, and the first episode is about his knee surgery.  He is not happy that it might keep him out of the water for months. 


Dizzying New Video of Aspie Surfer Clay Marzo

Clay Marzo - West Oz from Quiksilver Australia on Vimeo.

Clay Marzo, the amazingly cool professional surfer with Asperger's syndrome, just released this dizzying video.

To read a letter Clay inspired me to write to other young autistic people, click here.

Click here to watch a video about Clay and Aspergers.

Watch Clay Surf

Clay Marzo-- pro surfer with Aspergers

I'm not ready for the weekend to be over yet, so here's the latest video from aspie surfer Clay Marzo



Young Aspies: This Should Be You!

Clay Marzo

Clay Marzo is a world-class surfer with Asperger's syndrome.  Be like him!

Dear Young People with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome,

This morning I was reading the blogs and I found a depressing entry on  Autism Is Bad, which is kept by a young man named Oliver M Canby.  Oliver is angry about his autism and wants a cure (mostly so that he can have sex).  Today Oliver is also upset that his autism keeps him from surfing:

Because my autism precludes me from being around normal people, I cannot go surfing as a result. This is tragic, because every human being should have the right ot go surfing. Therefore, I am asking for a cure. If I didn't have autism anymore, I would be allowed to go surfing without being scrutinized and stared at.

This immediately made me think of Clay Marzo, the world-class surfer with Asperger's syndrome who is pictured above (and who sometimes has breakfast with strippers).  I'm not saying that Oliver could be as good as surfer as Clay is, or that Oliver's autism is not likely more disabling than Clay's.  I'm saying that I bet Oliver could have a great time surfing if he really wants to and he tries hard.

I encouraged parents and teachers to watch a video earlier his week-- now I'm going to ask Oliver, and other young people with autism to watch it, too.  As someone who both works with people with autism and has autism myself, I can promise you the truth of what I wrote then:

Click here to keep reading and watch videos.

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